HTA / Futures Only

H&B will do HTA (Hedge-to-Arrive) contracts. The fee (see breakdown below) per bushel is taken directly off of the futures price you receive. All pricings must be done during trading hours, or open orders may be placed for overnight activity or future fills.

6 months out = .04¢
7 to 9 months out = .06¢
10 to 13 months out = .08¢
14 to 15 months out = .10¢
16 to 17 months out = .15¢

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.
Note: Fees subject to change.

Priced Later Contract Fees

H&B Specialties allows farmers to price bushels after delivery. It is IMPORTANT the office is aware of your decision before bushels are delivered. Otherwise, your bushels will be spotted.

Contact the office for current price later fees.

H & B Specialties, Inc.